Clinical Supervision

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Clinical Supervision

For individuals seeking clinical supervision, I create a safe, reflective space where they can take risks, be authentic, and learn about both the clinical and ethical dimensions of direct practice with clients.

For emerging therapists needing individual supervision for licensure, the fee is $125 per 50 minute session. There is no charge for completing evaluations for the Board unless we need to meet individually about a licensee’s progress or status.

For seasoned therapists seeking clinical consultation and coaching, I offer a different arrangement.


This bi-monthly online clinical supervision group brings new practitioners together to deepen their understanding of trauma-informed care and ethical practice and to create a safe, reflective forum for dialogue and collaborative learning. It is especially suited for CSWAs, LPC interns, and LMFT interns to help with licensure requirements. The fee is $45 per session.

Clinical Supervision is about finding meaning, joy, and growth in doing the work.

Since 1993 I have offered trauma-informed clinical supervision and consultation to new and seasoned clinicians, especially therapists fulfilling licensure requirements. I place a premium on supporting their creativity, resilience, and mental health.

Early in my career I benefitted from rich supervisory guidance. Offering back to practitioners new to the field continues to be one of the most rewarding things that I do.

In addition to regularly renewing my CEUs to provide this service, I teach a variety of workshops on clinical supervision and clinical ethics.

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