USING A HOLISTIC, BODY-CENTERED APPROACH, drawing on both my experience as a seasoned clinician as well as twenty years of experience in leadership roles in public and non-profit agencies, I provide two types of business coaching:

  • Supporting and guiding SEASONSED CLINICAL PRACTITIONERS to create businesses and professional lives that are energizing, balanced, drawing on their strengths, interests, and practice wisdom. This can include clinical consultation for those practitioners intent on “unlearning” agency practices or beliefs that drain or demoralize them, or no longer serve them, maximize the effective use of self, including compassionate self-care, as they move toward becoming the healer they’re supposed to be.
  • Helping EXECUTIVES in a range of leadership positions to increase their self- and other- awareness and emotional intelligence as they grow within their roles, incorporating trauma-informed, anti-racist, and adaptive leadership frameworks. Executive coaching of this sort begins with a Benchmarks 360 Evaluation, followed by the building of a Developmental Plan with actionable goals and ongoing support, guidance, outside mentoring, and reading.

In addition to my background as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, I have worked with the Center for Creative Leadership to buid expertise coaching and gathering feedback using their research-based 360-degree leadership appraisal instruments.

How Much Does it Cost?

For both forms of coaching, the fee is $150 per 50 minute session. For folks receiving executive coaching, there is an additional cost for the Benchmarks 360 Report. Invoices are sent monthly through Square Invoicing, a secure online service, and payment is expected within 7 days.