Racial Justice

IN THE WAKE OF THE COVID PANDEMIC, with its economic upheavals, violent impacts on communities of color, and the global rise of political extremism, helping professionals continue to navigate the damaging long-term impacts on their clients’ lives. These include worsening mental health conditions, an increase in addictions, as well as marital and relationship breakdowns. Agencies lack resources to meet urgent needs in the communities they serve, creating painful ethical dilemmas for professionals. How do we revise and reinvigorate our commitment to being anti-racist practitioners?

Centering Racial Justice in Clinical Ethical Decision-making

INCREASINGLY IT IS IMPERATIVE for helping professionals to center racial justice in the ways they work, particularly when it comes to clinical ethical decision-making. How do we deepen our commitment to racial justice beyond the usual statements about cultural competency and social justice? Contemporary thinking in anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices provides an innovative framework for moving in this direction.

Facilitated by Tori Lopez, LCSW and Zach Thornhill, LCSW, this one-day, in-person, scenario-driven workshop provides a forum for helping professionals to deepen their commitment to racial justice. It provides an ethical decision-making model that centers race as it helps practitioners resolve ethical dilemmas related to the ongoing ripple effects of the pandemic era.


By the end of this in-person, scenario-driven workshop, participants will

  1. Appreciate and understand the ways codes of ethics inform professional decision-making and behavior in multiple fields of practice;
  2. Critically examine clinical codes of ethics to explore ways they perpetuate, as well as dismantle, white supremacist culture;
  3. Increase their self-awareness of the interplay of personal and cultural values and clinical ethical decision-making;
  4. Frame their ethical decision-making within a model of anti-racism; and
  5. Expand and deepen their personal and professional commitments to being anti-racist practitioners.

Six hours of continuing education (ethics/cultural competency) approved through the National Association of Social Workers.  

BIPOC REPARATIONS DISCOUNT: If you identify as a member of BIPOC communities, you are entitled to a 25% discount.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: If you served in the military, either currently or in the past, or you are a military spouse, there is a 25% discount.

GRADUATE STUDENT DISCOUNT: If you are currently in graduate school in a clinical discipline and wish to register, there is a 25% discount.

Contact Wayne Scott for discount codes.

Upcoming Workshop

April 5, 2024


In person

Revolution Hall
Portland, Oregon

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