Continuing Education

WORKSHOPS AND WEBINARS ARE TRAUMA-INFORMED in both design and delivery, tailored to busy adult learners who want to engage serious content and maybe even have a little fun. Employing diverse media, Wayne Scott offers workshops and webinars with less lecture, more dialogue and time for reflection, with an emphasis on drawing out the collective wisdom of participants. 

Workshops and Webinars

Mindful Supervision: Advanced Applications

Starting January 18, 2024, Noon-1:30pm

This webinar series will emphasize social collaborative learning and collegial community-building. Participants will share settling, centering, and/or grounding activities that they use to promote emotional self-regulation. 

“Debriefing Critical Incidents, Creating Healing Spaces”

May 9-10, 2024

This two-day, in-person workshop introduces an innovative, research-based model of critical incident debriefing. The model promotes the creation of healing spaces grounded in trust-building, physical and emotional self-regulation, and increased awareness of physiological responses to extreme stress.

Other Trainings
Offered By Request

The trainings below aren’t currently scheduled but are available by special request.
See my FAQs for more specifics.

Promoting Racial Justice in Ethical Decision-making

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Interested in a webinar or workshop for your group?

My workshops include a pre-workshop meeting with key leaders and employees, customization of agenda, slides, and handouts, and more. All of my workshops have been previously approved for continuing education through the National Association of Social Workers.
See my FAQs for more specifics.