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Consensual Nonmonogamy

Maybe you’re exploring the risks and benefits of nonmonogamy.

Or you’ve already chosen nonmonogamy and developing agreements or addressing obstacles as you map your collective course. 

Or you’re at a point of marital transition, significant growth, or a daunting impasse.

Maybe you’re wondering if your current couples counseling is giving you what you need.

It can be very complicated.

For Couples Exploring
Consensual Nonmonogamy

and other creative marital adaptations and transitions, once a week I keep an appointment slot open for a special two-hour consultation to address a specific challenge. This is not ongoing couples therapy, but short-term, strengths-based, solution-focused consultation to address specific partnership challenges. Same-sex, heterosexual, and mixed-orientation couples, and other alternative arrangements, are all welcome.

LOGISTICS: Prior to meeting, each partner completes a questionnaire about the relationship’s strengths and challenges, their individual needs, and their intention in seeking consultation. We schedule 1-2 two-hour consultation sessions (in person or virtual). We move rapidly toward concrete recommendations for moving into the future, which may include tasks, homework, readings, referrals to ongoing marriage counseling or recommendations for clarifying the approach or goals of current couples counseling.

COST: For one two-hour consultation session, the cost is $400, which includes my pre-session preparation time.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation meeting, please contact Wayne.

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