We know ourselves only as far as we've been tested. 
I tell you this from my unknown heart. 

W I S L A W A  S Z M B O R S K A


For over twenty-five years I’ve counseled couples and families with big, complicated challenges. I have steady nerves, clear vision, unrelenting optimism that people can grow through their worst crises, and heart.

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My passion for helping, counseling, and social work is so great, I teach others about it. For over a decade I’ve taught counseling to students at local universities. Alongside that, I work with professional folks in non-profit and healthcare settings, training on vicarious trauma, trauma-informed care, supervision practices, and the ethics of helping.

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I write essays, memoir, and the occasional piece of fiction. For many years I wrote copiously and forgettably for newspapers, but now I write the kind of stories that I enjoy reading myself: authentic, intimate, complicated, unashamed grappling with what makes us human.

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Group Supervision
This bi-monthly online clinical supervision group brings clinicians together to deepen their understanding of trauma-informed care and to create a[...]

Strong @ the Broken Places

Ernest Hemingway said, “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.” I have a career-long passion for helping people in the helping professions explore the impact of vicarious trauma, the cumulative, transformative impact of working with people facing extreme adversities, and ways to expand professional insight and resilience.


Tolstoy Under Quarantine
Some things are so big—War and Peace big—that we ourselves have to grow bigger before we understand them. A sobering[...]
Two Open Marriages
Miles has always known his parents living under the same roof, each other’s dearest mooring in the world. As the[...]
The Mandated Client
Remembering that silent time in his office, it strikes me that he taught me something about fathering, but it didn’t[...]

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