For many clients, telecounseling is a comfortable and convenient option for getting the help and guidance they need.

Wayne Scott Favicon blueTo offer help and consultation to people, both individuals and couples, who do not live near Portland, Oregon, I have a limited number of slots for telecounseling and other virtual consultative work. Telecounseling and consultation have most of the same benefits as face-to-face therapy. For some people virtual meetings can feel odd and take time to become accustomed to, but I have found this is an accessible and convenient way to connect with clients who, for whatever reason, cannot find the right counselor or consultant in the area where they live.  Virtual services include one-time-only consultations for individuals and professionals (including clinical supervision), coaching, and ongoing individual and couples counseling.

For virtual meetings, I use a HIPAA-secure platform called To use this platform, potential clients need a device with a microphone and video capacity (smart phones work too!).  

For more information on how telecounseling works, you can visit the site

As with all my clients, I invoice at the end of the month for services provided (see fees for more information).