The Divorce Announcement

What is the story we tell ourselves about what it means to divorce? What are our intentions in announcing the decision to split up? How do we tell family and friends in a way that supports each person as an individual moving into the future? And how can a common story become a healing part of a breakup?

From “The Divorce Announcement: A Conscious Approach to Moving Forward” (The Psychotherapy Networker, January/February 2023)

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Merrie Knox - February 17, 2023

I really enjoyed your article in Psychotherapy Networker. As a former instructor for a court mandated divorce course entitled “Helping Children Cope with Divorce” and a client directed course called “Collaborative Step Parenting” your article resonated with me the lack of intention and closure that describes so many relationships that end. In my current work with couples, I see the need to assist couples who are grieving the loss of their relationship but who have not been able to communicate the very questions that can allow the to move forward in their own lives.
I appreciated the thoughtful questions that you added from Lauren Mac Neill as she invites couples to work on these issues together. Very importantly “what will be most useful for your children over the long term?” (Sutton).
Your article reminded me what I love to do in working with clients and creating new outcomes for and with them.
Thank you!
Merrie Knox, LCSW

Gallagher Solicitors - April 21, 2023

Divorce is hard but anyone can overcome it. Great tips you shared.

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