Fees & CEUs


The cost for a day-long workshop or webinar, $2,500, includes pre-workshop meeting with key leaders and employees, customization of slides and handouts, review and fine-tuning of day’s agenda with stakeholders, provision of all documents needed for approval of continuing education units, delivery of multimedia content, and distribution of slides to all participants. Half-day workshops/webinars are $1,500, which includes the same activities. There is an additional fee ($1,500) when a cofacilitator assists, which applies for any workshops with a racial justice theme. For keynotes and shorter workshops, a separate fee is negotiated.

For anything in-person offered more than 25 miles outside the Portland metropolitan area, there is an additional cost for mileage and lodging.

For workshops larger than fifty participants, depending on the topic, I will sometimes negotiate additional compensation to allow for a co-facilitator. For webinars larger than one hundred participants, I charge additional to expand the zoom platform.

Continuing Education Approval

Agencies wishing to have workshops approved for continuing education units will pay an additional $500 if they want me to apply for the CEUs for them, or they can apply directly themselves, which is often preferred as a cost savings.